Saturday, January 7, 2012

More pics of Thane's dance on 29th December 2011

This morning when I logged on to Wikinut, I saw this poem by my friend Songbird:  Hear The Wind Doth Blow...

I could relate her poem to my experience of Thane, the cyclone of December 29, 2011 and thought that the human mind captures the same incidents in a similar way but in a different perspective.

Then, I felt I must add some more pics taken on 29th December 2011, but these pics were taken by my son in the late morning when the sun was shining after the rain stopped, the wind was still blowing at a reduced speed.

In fact he had already uploaded these pics onto his Facebook page.

That day he came back and said that the damage was not so much except the fallen honeycomb compound walls of the seaside houses which are mostly vacant.

Those houses had earlier suffered large damages by the impact of the great Tsunami waves that struck this shore Township on 26th December 2004.

The last pic shows a tree forming a bridge across the walkway, it is still existing and would be chopped off after the other major hindrances are removed from the roads.